Group shot of actors on stage after a show.

Inclusive Theater Troupe Brings Two Shows to Local Stage

Inclusive-theater troupe brings two shows to local stage

by SCOTT McCAFFREY, Sun Gazette Newspapers

Inclusive-theater troupe brings double-bill of performances to local area
Members of the cast of ArtStream’s “Poof! The Heist at Harrington Manor.”

A family painting – loved by some, reviled by others – goes missing in a British manor house. To crack the case, some bumptious police investigators are brought in, while the servants (under suspicion themselves) pool their meager savings to hire an acclaimed but down-and-out detective to sort through the various theories and finger the culprit.

Such is the plot of “Poof! The Heist at Harrington Manor,” a musical-mystery and part of a double-bill of productions being staged this month by ArtStream, an inclusive-theater troupe based in Chevy Chase that each spring brings shows to Northern Virginia….


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