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The ArtStream Team

ArtStream is a consortium of compassionate, professional, and experienced artists who wish to serve the needs of our clients.

Board of Directors

ArtStream's Board of Directors is responsible for strategic planning, governing the organization and overseeing budgets and fundraising. Most importantly, the Board ensures that the organization stays true to its mission statement through programming and community involvement.

ArtStream's Board of Directors is made up of business and community leaders, parents, artists, and clients.

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Advisory Board

ArtStream consults the Advisory Board to get an outside perspective on the future of the company.

The Advisory Board includes artists that understand the challenges facing the future of ArtStream.

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ArtStream's staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, including programming, scheduling, marketing, hiring, client managment, fundraising, and community engagment. The staff is also instrumental in managing ArtStream's greater goals and discovering new possibilities within the company.

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ArtStream Artists are a collection of teachers, directors, designers, visual artists, storytellers, and musicians who believe in the power and impact of the arts.

ArtStream Artists come from a variety of different arts backgrounds and are trained and supported by experienced artists in the field.

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ArtStream Co-Founders

These five amazing women started ArtStream on our ground-breaking work.

Sally Kinka | Patricia Krauss | Emilia O'Connor | Nicolette Stearns | Patricia Woolsey

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