Improvisational storytelling for caregivers at You Are a Work of Art retreat. Photo by Mike Rollins.

ArtStream, Inc.

Teaching Artists

ArtStream teaching artists come from a variety of different arts backgrounds and are trained and supported by experienced teaching artists in their respective fields.

Assistant Teaching Artists and Production Team Members
Claire Alrich Caroline Jurney Mahlon Raoufi
Madeleine Barry Lisa Lorraine Holland Anthony Londell Sanford
Britt Burr Gabby Lavoie Barbara Schelstrate
Reneé Charlow Mary Beth Levrio Colleen Marie Siler
Cheryl Cordingley Meg Lowey Rob Siler
Jamie Coull Brett W. McCoy Andrew Stainer
Dio Cramer Michael Morton Matt Strote
Elizabeth Dapo Heather Newhouse Katie Thigpen
Colin Dieck Larissa Norris Stefany Thomas
Shelley Fisher Maria O’Connor  Rachel Ungos