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Leadership Programs

ArtStream teaches adults with disabilities to communicate with confidence in fun, interactive sessions based in the arts! We believe that improving communication and social skills is the first step towards successful relationships at work and at home and increased independence.

Want to bring ArtStream to your community? Email us at info@art-stream.org.

Self-Advocacy Workshops

These innovative workshops are specially designed for adults with various disabilities who want to stand up for themselves.  Through body-language and role-play techniques, a trained ArtStream teaching artist will work one-on-one to teach you and your group how to feel comfortable and confident in public and social situations.  Self-Advocacy is a skill that many people struggle with, but the ability to make your own choices and stand behind them is vital to every day life.  

Read about one our first self-advocacy workshops with our friends from LiveUp Programs (formerly Pals Tours).

Want to bring Self-Advocacy Workshops to your community?  Contact us at info@art-stream.org.

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 Public Speaking Classes

ArtStream offers public speaking classes designed for adults with disabilities. These unique and thoughtful classes reapply the acting techniques taught in our drama classes to the realm of public speaking. 

  • Your scene partner is the audience. 
  • Remember good posture and diction
  • You are playing a character at the podium - a confident character based on you!

In addition to formal speaking, these classes also address the challenges of talking one-on-one with a new acquaintance as well as many other skills that directly apply to every day life. Adults with disabilities have something to say. We believe that training in public speaking can give them the confidence to speak out loud.

Want to bring Public Speaking Classes to your community? Contact us at info@art-stream.org.

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Role-Play for the Real World

Role-Play allows students to practice real-world scenarios in a fun, learning environment. Students will use acting basics to imagine themselves as characters from everyday life! Role-Play gives students a chance to step into another person's shoes and imagine their point of view.

Role-Play has been shown to lessen social anxiety and increase a student's capacity for empathy.

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Social Skills

Social Clubs

ArtStream offers participants the chance to learn how to build and maintain friendships as well as plan social activities independentally. Students work collaboratively and explore communication skills as they relate to their friends and peers. Students will also practice real-world scenarios in a safe, supportive environment.

Want to have a Social Club in your community? Contact us at info@art-stream.org.

Super Social Saturday

Through party dancing, acting games, and social activities participants will learn how to be their best self in a party setting. After some instruction, we will break into free-dancing and socializing, giving everybody a chance to practice their new skills!

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Leadership Programs in the Press

ArtStream Co-Founder Nicolette Stearns talks Public Speaking and Self-Advocacy with Comcast Newsmakers.

This segment was produced as part of Comcast's in-kind media sponsorship of ArtStream's 3rd Annual Gala. It aired in November 2012.

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