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Success Stories

3rd of November 2017

Guest Blog – Random Acts of Kindness with ArtStreamer Alyson

My name is Alyson Ritzmann. I did Social Club through ArtStream with Nicolette Stearns. She is a wonderful instructor who has taught me many social skills that I have learned. One of the homework assignments we were given at social club was to write down and do seven random acts of kindness. The random act…

15th of June 2017

“She’s dramatic! I’m a dramatic character.”

ArtStream actor Rachel Williams was interviewed about her role in Lasagnawood. Here are some highlights from the interview. What’s the name of your play? Lasagnawood. The title is called Lasagnawood. So it’s about making a movie in Hollywood? There are two different parts. People are in, like, different scenes from Hollywood and Italy. Some of…

10th of April 2017

“ArtStream gives people a sense of belonging in a beautiful way.”

In a guest post, volunteer mentor Nick Gillespie talks about the friendships he’s made with the Gaithersburg Inclusive Theatre Company. I am so forever grateful to be a part of an organization as awesome as ArtStream! The smiles that the actors always have are so contagious and the volunteering environment is welcoming and inviting. Every…

27th of March 2017

The King says “No!”

When working with adults with disabilities, you have to make adjustments to accommodate their needs and help them to participate at their best. Usually these are minor and go unnoticed. But sometimes these little changes steal the show! Last year, I was directing our original inclusive musical The Legend of Blarnia and Eric was in…

9th of March 2017

“The company is like my third family!”

ArtStream actor Merry Casillas was interviewed about her role in A Stacked Deck. Performances April 6-9 and 13-15: Tickets and info » Here are some highlights from the interview. Who is your character? I’m Madison Bonjour, a famous actress. I’m a diva. How has her acting career been going? I am, like, a fading star…

7th of March 2017

“I learned quite a bit about the world around me.”

Cassie’s family was always involved in community theatre, but they never dreamed Cassie would be able to perform onstage. With ArtStream, Cassie’s learning differences are not a hindrance. She is a vital member of the cast. In the Inclusive Theatre Company, Cassie played a narrator, a reporter, a professor, and a fashion model — all…

1st of March 2017

“I found another friend because of my first ArtStream class”

ArtStream participant David Krever was interviewed about his experience in ArtStream’s performing arts classes on February 9, 2017. This blogpost is from his perspective, based on the interview. I found another friend because of my first ArtStream class. It was in the Inclusive Comedy class last summer in Arlington. Ricky and I had, like, the…

7th of February 2017

“ArtStream gives me a voice”

When Jonathan “Big Jon” Frederick takes the stage with ArtStream’s Inclusive Theatre Company, he is supported by a cast of 22 actors. Among them are his brother-in-law, Danny, and his nephew, JP. “Big Jon” has played many different characters in his time with ArtStream. He was a tough mobster in The Vegas Way. He was…

2nd of September 2016

The rewards of volunteering are priceless

In a guest post, ArtStreamer Pam Young reflects on her time as volunteer mentor three years down the road, and how it led her to pursue a graduate degree in Theatre and Drama Therapy. ArtStream is the reason I have the career that I do now. It is the reason I want to help people…

14th of June 2016

The challenge was putting everyone’s ideas together.

We interviewed first-time actress Katy Donahue from the 2016 Inclusive Theatre Company production Parks & Inspiration. Here are some highlights from the interview: This is your first ArtStream musical, but have you ever been in a play before? No, actually, I have not. But I have seen a lot of plays. So what made you…