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ArtStream Board of Directors

ArtStream's Board of Directors is responsible for strategic planning, governing the organization and overseeing budgets and fundraising. Most importantly, the Board ensures that the organization stays true to its mission statement through programming and community involvement.

ArtStream's Board of Directors is made up of business and community leaders, parents, artists, and clients.

Current Board

Pamela Brown

Sari Hornstein
Vice Chair

Maggie Haslam

Lina Aybinder

Adrian Forsythe y Korzeniewicz
Member at Large, Client Liason 

Jocelyn Lamond
Member at Large

Frank Myers
Member at Large

Chair Emeriti

Aisha Salem

Geoff Lewis

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Advisory Board

ArtStream consults the Advisory Board to get an outside perspective on the future of the company.

The Advisory Board includes artists that understand the challenges facing the future of ArtStream.

Sally Bailey
Lee Brewster
Ellen Cooper
Patricia Krauss
Emilia O'Connor

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