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Submit Your 6 Word Memoir

"6 Word Memoirs" are an exercise in saying a lot with a little.

Your "6 Word Memoir" can be funny, profound, hopeful, inspiring, or all of the above.

Not sure where to start? Check out examples below the form.

Here are some examples from ArtStream's Board of Directors:

  • A friend always gives and inspires.
    • Oswaldo Urdapilleta
  • Thriving is the stream of life.
    • Emily Jablonski
  • My boys make my heart happy.
    • Pam Brown
  • Beginning inspirations, passions fulfill my heart. 
    • Emilia O'Connor
  • Great expectations, imitable joy, no pressure.
    • Sari Hornstein
  • Happy to be part of ArtStream.
    • Emily Baker
  • Dare you to leave your mark.
    • Lina Aybinder